Thursday, September 22, 2016

SNAP Challenge - Day 1, And so it begins

by Nicole Milbradt, Director of Marketing

When I made up my mind to do this, I enlisted my family. They all listened as I explained the plan and without hesitation (okay maybe there was a little hesitation) they agreed. I even talked the kids into eating the school hot lunch a few days to really make it real.

Hubs and I got up on Day 1 and made our sausage muffins and packed our sack lunches. The kids were satisfied with the hot lunch option – chicken nuggets and tater tots. And dinner was one of our favs, Taco Soup.

As I was making my way through my morning at work, I noticed a text from the hubby… “I’m going to need two of those muffins. Already pulling stuff out of my lunch.” Okay, I thought. We can swing that.

At lunch time, I pulled out my PB&J… and realized. I actually prefer just the PB. I ate about half of my sandwich and finished the other items. It was clear to me that the bag of apples I bought were intended for kid lunches because they were pretty small. I felt like I was done in about five bites.

As I finished up, I noticed another text from the hubby… “I may need two sandwiches too. Or more chips.” Okay. We can do this.

Later that day as kids came home from school, I was expecting to hear how awesome lunch was. Yeah… not so much. The teenager was disappointed with her nuggets because they weren’t like the ones you get at the fast food joint. In her words, they were “weird.” They youngest thought they looked a little weird too but she ate them anyway. For her it was the fruit and veggie bar that was not up to par. She stuck to the nuggets and ate a few tots.

Both came home hungry and looking for an after school snack. Both ended up hangry when I told them snacks weren’t in the budget. This could be a long week.

Thankfully, there was still dinner. A family fav. They eagerly dished up, sprinkled on the cheese and then started in with their questions…

“Where is the sour cream?”

“Did you make quesadillas?”

My hubby tried to stay positive… “There’s no sour cream? That’s okay. Where are the tortilla chips?”

“Uh sorry. We are going lean tonight.”

No one complained but I could tell, this was going to test us more than we may have realized.

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