Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bethel Senior Shares Passion for Volunteering, Football

by Nicole Milbradt, Sr. Marketing Associate & Events Manager

Many seniors set goals for their final year of high school. For Bethel High School senior Christian Booth, those goals included volunteering enough hours to earn his fourth Varsity Letter in Community Service from United Way of Pierce County’s Youth United program. Yet just earning another letter wasn’t enough. So Booth extended the challenge to his teammates on the Bethel football team.

The team began volunteering this summer, working toward the 145-hour minimum necessary to earn the letter. They did environmental rehabilitation and participated in monthly service projects through Youth United. One of the most meaningful projects tackled by the team was volunteer work at the home of a Bethel teacher who lost her life to cancer. The boys did yard work and helped around the family home. By summer’s end, more than 50 members of the team were working toward the minimum goal to earn the letter.

In July, Booth’s efforts were sidelined when the Youth United leadership team member fell 200 feet while exploring on the Washington coast. Booth suffered multiple fractures and broken bones. His injuries were severe and not only halted his volunteer efforts, they also put the Braves’ co-captain on the bench for his final football season.

Despite his injuries, Booth continues to serve his community by sitting on the United Way of Pierce County Board of Directors, participating in the Bethel chapter of Youth United’s leadership council, helping arrange volunteer projects for his teammates and volunteering at Phoenix Housing with his family.

Christian Booth doesn't just wear the shirt, he lives it.