Wednesday, October 28, 2015

UW Tacoma Students Do Their Part

Demanding school assignments and work shifts can make a student’s life jam-packed. But on Saturday, October 10th, UW Tacoma students made the time to serve their community collectively.

The University of Washington Tacoma is dedicated to serving diverse students and prides itself on being an urban serving institution. With that, the University seeks to collaborate, and connect with local organizations within education and student affairs with every chance it gets.  

Nearly 75 students came out to participate in UW Tacoma’s very own Day of Caring. Their day began at 8AM in the new University YMCA Student Center, and students strolled in with coffee desperate faces. Representatives came to speak about their local organizations and why their work is vital to our Pierce County community. Much of the day consisted of reflecting on why volunteering and community mobilization is important and how students can do their part.

From there, the volunteers went in groups to their assigned organizations. Tasks were varied by each site; some students put together family food packs, planted trees, sorted and organized pantries, and some even painted the facility.

Students worked through tough projects, the pouring rain and treacherous drives. But when all is said in done, they loved learning about local organizations and doing good for our community. 

A handful of passionate volunteers ended the day seeking to regularly volunteer and to get connected with more agencies. Che H., a sophomore at UW Tacoma said “this work isn’t pretty-but I love serving my city”. 

Participating Organizations
Families Unlimited Network
Tacoma Rescue Mission (Women’s & Family Shelter)
Puget Creek Restoration Society